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AdH executables for Windows PC

Version 4.7, 2D Shallow Water (serial and multiprocessor, 64 bit)

The single link will take you to the ERDC Knowledge Core record to download a zipped file with the version 4.7 Pre-AdH and AdH executables along with the Hotstart File Generator executable or to download a Windows installation file that will provide these three executable files and install the mpi package.

Adaptive Hydraulics Version 4.7

Version 4.6, 2D Shallow Water - 64 bit

Separate links for serial and multiprocessor Pre_AdH and AdH executables (The files downloaded from the digital library will need to be renamed to the corresponding executable name.) 

64 bit Windows PC Pre_Adh V4.6

64 bit Windows PC AdH V4.6

64 bit Multiprocessor Windows PC Pre_AdH V4.6

64 bit Multiprocessor Windows PC AdH V4.6

Additional Executables

64 bit Windows Hotstart File Generator

Microsoft-MPI (To run multiple processors on a Windows PC, Microsoft MPI must be installed on the machine. This is done for you with the Version 4.7 installation file.)

AdH Utilities Application (Used to process AdH solution data)