Client Testimonials

ERDC receives a number of positive customer testimonials every year.

"[The ERDC] team is doing an excellent job to support the Army's major campaign objective, maintaining Army critical enabling technologies, and [providing] support to combatant commanders and other Federal and DoD agencies and organizations.  ERDC is one of the Army's Crown Jewels."
— Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick, USACE Chief of Engineers

“I could not do my mission without ERDC. I really could not. No way.”
— Col. Clarence Turner, Commander, Far East District

“This may be a revolutionary breakthrough … could effect a revolutionary advancement for civil engineers.” (writing of ERDC’s carbon nanotube developments)
— Editor in Chief, Civil Engineering magazine

“The work being performed at ERDC is saving Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan every day.”
— Col. Richard Kaiser, Commander, 20th Engineer Brigade

"ERDC is like Disney World for nerds."
— Capt. Miguel Solla, US Army Military Personnel Exchange Program Officer

“Through the tireless efforts of key personnel at ERDC, JTB was able to successfully deploy a Theater Support Working Group tool that will have a significant impact on the Counter-IED effort.”
— William Hughes, Director, JIEDDO Joint Test Board (JTB)

“ERDC’s efforts have revolutionized our capabilities to undertake comprehensive restoration initiatives.”
— Casey Krause, Omaha District, Corps of Engineers

“Warfighters take for granted now the consistently outstanding support we receive from ERDC’s Reachback Operations Center team … who make us in the ‘field’ look like geniuses with the superior products with which we readily respond to warfighting commanders.”
— Thomas Brady, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Liaison to US Forces Korea

"I consider the Corps of Engineer research program the world's greatest contributor to construction innovation over my 45 years of close involvement in civil engineering."
— Dr. Robert Carr, Founding Chair of the NOVA Award (often called the Nobel Prize of the construction industry) of the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF)

“Not only will this technology save the U.S. billions of dollars each year in repairs, but it will save gigawatts of energy … this sort of innovative thinking is key to our future.” (speaking of ERDC’s porcelain-enamel technology)
— John Willinghoff, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

“ERDC’s development of a model that predicts the dispersal of toxins injected in a water system by terrorists is ... a breakthrough in technology.”
— Dr. Fred Crowson, Defense Threat Reduction Agency

"[ERDC research] has eliminated a huge future environmental liability and helped preserve DoD's live fire ranges."
— Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee, Executive Director, Strategic Environmental R&D Program (SERDP) and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP)

"[ERDC's Common Ground Joint Capability Technology Demonstration] provided a positive and immediate impact on the warfighter by improving mission effectiveness for ground operations involving US, NATO, and Coalition Forces."
— Maj. Gen. Ronnie D. Hawkins, Joint Staff J8 Deputy Director Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems, U.S. Air Force