Civil Works


Inside the Ship-Tow Simulator at ERDC’s Coastal and Hydraulics Lab.
  Inside the Ship-Tow Simulator at ERDC’s Coastal and Hydraulics Lab.

ERDC’s Civil Works research, development and technology research area contributes to the strength of the Nation by providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to the nation’s water resources challenges. Our Nation’s water resources are under increasing pressure from competing uses. Our state-of-the-art technologies help provide safe and resilient communities and infrastructure and help American goods compete in the global marketplace. ERDC science and technology help USACE manage existing water resources infrastructure sustainably--in the face of expected climate change and land use change, invasion by exotic species, demographic shifts, and aging structures--to meet the needs of future generations.

ERDC tools and resources are at work every day improving the flow of commercial navigation traffic on waterways, rebuilding locks and maintaining channels, reducing the risk of damage to life and property from flooding, and protecting fish and plant life. ERDC Civil Works research and development is performed by innovative engineers and scientists that anticipate, create, deliver and maintain the scientific and technological resources required to solve the Nation’s civil works problems.

Research Thrust Areas

  • Inland and Coastal Navigation Hydropower
  • Flood Risk Management and Coastal Systems
  • Water Supply, Emergency Management
  • Environment – Restoration, Regulation, Stewardship
  • Water Resources Infrastructure
  • System-Wide Water Resources