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Army Office Supplies

All Army activities are required to purchase all office supplies through businesses that have been awarded contracts by the Army Contracting Command. A vendor must be one of the BPA holders under this GSA FSS regardless of price/cost; virtually all office supplies are purchased by Government Procurement Card holders from these BPA holders and the small business office does not review or have any input/influence on which vendors are used.

Commercial laboratory testing certification


Commercial satellite communications and hardware

DoD/DISA requires that we use the DISA-GSA COMSATCOM contract vehicle.

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Construction and environmental contracting

The ERDC does not contract for construction, A&E services, environmental testing/sampling in support of construction projects, environmental impact studies, or for remediation.  ERDC construction is handled by the USACE Mobile District, Huntsville Center, New England District, or the University of Illinois.  We do have a Construction Engineering Research Lab and an Environmental Lab, but they both do research and development only.  ERDC labs do not create specifications or mandatory designs for USACE; ERDC labs offer R&D solutions that each District can choose to use.

Defense Shared Resource Center

This organization is a DoD-level unit, with one of five centers located at ERDC Vicksburg.  ERDC also manages the other four DoD centers.  Contracting is through GSA, with several GSA contracting officers located in the center.


IM/IT Services / Hardware / Software

  • The current Lockheed Martin contract has been extended with options up to Dec. 31, 2014.
  • Evaluations/source selection for new contract(s) to replace the current contract has begun.
  • Individual briefings by industry are not being accepted.
  • Bridge document: W91WMC-13-R-0003
  • Small businesses needing assistance should contact their area PTAC

Most USACE IT products and services are provided through a contract with Lockheed Martin Integrated Services (LMCO) by a Field Operating Activity (FOA) named "U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers Enterprise Information Technology Services" (ACE-IT). ACE-IT and the Lockheed Martin contract are the result of a multi-year "A-76 Public/Private Competition" completed under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76. Due to the rules established by OMB for A-76 Competitions, the requirements in FAR part 19 did not apply to process that created ACE-IT.  It is our understanding that the rules of the A-76 Circular do not apply for this round of contracts, that FAR part 19 applies. www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars/a076/a076.html   

All Corps of Engineers IT hardware and COTS software purchases are made through the Army CHESS program.  LMCO also makes buys through CHESS.  All Army personnel are required to utilize CHESS for all COTS Purchases:  The Army CIO/G6 have issued a memo dated 4 May 2009, subject: Use of Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) as the Primary Source for Procuring Commercial Information Technology (IT) Hardware and Software, which reminds all Army leaders of the requirement for all commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software,desktops, notebook computers and video teleconferencing equipment regardless of dollar value to be purchased through CHESS.  “When procuring IT Services (under CHESS), consideration must be given to setting aside requirements for small businesses and other small business categories” in accordance with FAR Part 19.  For the Corps of Engineers, this applies only to services that are NOT covered under the ACE-IT FOA and its associated Lockheed Martin contract.

Subcontract Management Senior Manager
Colleen.C.Devries@lmco.com, (719) 258-2073
10807 New Allegiance Drive
Bldg Code: CO/10807 Floor: 5TH Room: 546
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Janitorial - Mail Room - Lawn Care

These services are normally sourced through AbilityOne, which represents NIB and NISH contractors, who have first right of refusal for these services by law. The Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act (JWOD) makes AbilityOne a mandatory source for all federal facilities.

Logistics Support - all USACE activities

Logistics related products and services in the Corps of Engineers are provided by the USACE Logistics Activity (ULA), a Field Operating Activity (FOA), similar in structure to the Army Corps of Engineers IT Services FOA (ACEIT).  The ULA is headquartered in Millington, TN. ERDC can only get “logistics” products and services through the ULA. This is a mandatory source for all USACE activities/locations.

Memphis District Contracting Office
Karen.J.Brady@usace.army.mil, (901) 544-4146

Office Furniture

DoD activities are required to buy office furniture through GSA per DOD PGI 208.70 or through UNICOR (Prison Industries) in certain situations.

DPAP – Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy
PGI 208.70

Security / Guard services

All ERDC guards/security forces are warranted federal officers. The ERDC does not contract for guard or security services from industry. Access control and CCTV is handled by ACE-IT and LMCO.