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U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center - ERDC

Established October 1, 1998 

ERDC's seven research laboratorieslocated in Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire and Virginia, function as integrated teams of engineers and scientists to address a broad range of science and technology issues -- from operating in Arctic temperatures to vehicle mobility in desert sands; to protecting wetlands to protecting U.S. troops around the globe; to pinpointing the exact location of an artillery round to predicting the extended habitat range of an endangered species...

A Proud History of Innovation

 Click on the thumbnails below to see brief video overviews of the long legacy of American engineering research and innovation

Introduction Introductory Video
1775-1945 Video Part 1: 1775-1945
1946-1983 Video Part 2: 1946-1983
1984-Present Video Part 3: 1984-Present