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Producing technical documents, a DoD mandate, can be a complex process. But our staff of writer-editors expertly helps you to navigate this requirement with a full suite of services designed to highlight the incredible research you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.  

Whether you’re working on a technical report, journal article, conference presentation, or a variety of other documents, our writer-editors are here to guide you from first draft to final copy. Any questions? Reach out to your lab's editor.

Technical Editing

Frustrated formatting references for a journal submission or want another set of eyes on an email before you send it? We’ve got you covered. As writer-editors, we edit engineering and scientific reports, journal articles, books, and documents originating in the ERDC laboratories and in USACE. We manage your documents and perform or coordinate the various stages of production, including editing, proofreading, formatting, design, and layout. We also edit for clarity, consistency, accuracy, and conformance with format and style.  

Technical Writing

We can assist with the writing process itself, whether it’s providing developmental support or compiling and composing. We write, edit, and advise authors on a variety of documents, including technical reports, technical notes, peer-reviewed journal articles, news bulletins, conference papers, and fact sheets. We can even help with other content like exhibits, multimedia, letters, presentations, emails, reference lists, etc.

Technical Transfer

Are you looking for less traditional methods for promoting and disseminating your products? We work with program managers of major Corps Research and Development (R&D) programs and research laboratories to transfer technology that emerges from R&D work units to the appropriate audiences. We can help you conceptualize, write, edit, or create presentations, videos, articles, bulletins, awards, pamphlets, brochures, and other content.


ISKM is the publishing authority for technical documents produced through ERDC. We aid researchers by preparing technical documents for transfer to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), as federally mandated. We also capture these documents in ERDC’s Knowledge Core and generate DOIs to ensure permanent access. Do you have raw data or supplemental material that you could not publish in your report? Knowledge Core can archive data sets and other supporting work and link them to the pertinent reports. 

Publication Notifications

ISKM maintains a News Release with the ERDC's Media page that provides notification when new ERDC publications are posted. You may use the 'Publication Notices' tab on the toolbar, or follow/bookmark this link: Publication Notices

Graphic Design

Make your publication pop! We provide graphic design support for books, brochures, reports, and more. Need figures created or images edited? We can do that, too.

...And More

Our diverse set of skills means we can assist with a wide range of other tasks. We work with you and the library staff to verify references and to help you avoid predatory publishers. We have access to plagiarism checkers to help you ensure that you’ve put your best foot forward. We can perform Section 508 compliance reviews (ensuring accessibility) and offer guidance for better meeting those standards. If you can think of it, we can do it. 

Editing Rate: FY24

The current rate for our services is $68 per hour.  


Editing Resources

Below are many of the documents, guidelines, and templates available on the ERDC Editing Resources page. The full clickable list of links is on the ERDC Intranet (not accessible by non-ERDC employees). If you are an ERDC researcher, please visit the ERDC Editing Resources page.

Editing Resources

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 Section 508
  • Section 508 PDF Checklist
  • Alternative Text Guide
 Writing Guides

ISKM follows the Chicago Manual of Style when preparing ERDC reports. That and the ISKM’s How to Prepare Technical Publications are great resources for writing at ERDC. They also both provide helpful guidance for formatting references. We have provided a selection of helpful guides below. Still have questions? Let us know! We’re always happy to help. 

  • How to Prepare Technical Publications for the Engineer Research and Development Center: Policies, Standards, and Practices 
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Chicago Manual of Style Usage Cribsheet
  • Chicago Manual of Style Rules Cribsheet
  • Chicago Manual of Style Guide to Hyphens
  • GPO Style Manual 2016 
  • How to Prepare Technical Publications for the Engineer Research and Development Center : Policies, Standards, and Practices
  • ANSI_NISO_Z39.18-2005
  • Merriam-Webster 
  • ANSI_NISO_Z39.18-2005: Scientific and Technical Reports—Preparation, Presentation, and Preservation 
  • AR 25-50: Preparing and Managing Correspondence 

  • AR 70-31: Standards for Technical Reporting 

  • DoDI 5230.24: Distribution Statements on Technical Documents 

  • AR 380-5: Department of the Army Information Security Program 

  • Form 7: This is a required form for all ERDC report series. The PI must provide one to the editor for each new report. 

  • Form 9: This is the required routing form for certain ITL publications. 

  • Form 92 E: This is the required routing form for all CRREL publications.

  • SF 298: This form gets attached to many government publications. 

  • Data Management Plan: This is a required form to be submitted to DTIC and includes information such as the type of data produced; data standards; conditions for access, sharing, and/or distribution; and a justification for the restriction of data (if applicable).



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