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The Library Science and Knowledge Transfer Branch provides technical editing and technology transfer services to document research and development (R&D) conducted by the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and other Corps of Engineers organizations. The ERDC technical writers/editors support ERDC and USACE with writing and editorial support for ERDC technical reports, technical notes, USACE Headquarters' documents, journal articles, technical transfers, and other USACE writing/editing projects. An editing staff of fourteen is available to bring Government documents from draft status to published documents. ERDC's editing staff adheres to all technical guidance for Government documents and can provide templates and formatting guidance to writers. ERDC's editing staff is also responsible for sending reports to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). ERDC's writing/editing service is charged on an hourly rate. Estimates are available upon request.


Services and Rates

We provide the following services (view the Price List below):

Technical Editing

Technical editors edit engineering and scientific reports originating in the ERDC laboratories. The technical editors manage the documents and perform or coordinate the various stages of production, including editing, formatting, proofreading, design, and layout. They edit for clarity, consistency, accuracy, and conformance with format and style.

Technical Writing

Editors and Technology Transfer Specialists edit, write and advise authors on a variety of publications including technical reports, technical notes, peer-reviewed journal articles, news bulletins, conference papers, fact sheets, exhibits, multimedia, and other content.

Technical Transfer

Technology Transfer Specialists work with program managers of major Corps R&D programs and research laboratories to transfer technology that emerges from R&D work units to the appropriate audiences. They conceptualize, write, edit, or create presentations, videos, articles, bulletins, awards, pamphlets, brochures, and other content for publication.

List Serv (Request for Publication Notification)

The Library Science and Knowledge Transfer Branch maintains a listserv that provides notification to subscribers when new ERDC publications are posted. To sign up for one (or more) of the specialized notification lists, visit the ERDC Library Request for Publication Notification page.

See also the Printing and Publishing Services Provided by ACE-IT.

Services and Rates for FY17

Services provided include technical editing, writing, and technology transfer support. ERDC publications that will be published online are required to go through a Minimum of Copy editing to ensure the documents conform to the ERDC template and Publishing Guidance.             $62/hr


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