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Ongoing Research

Our current research focuses on each of the following four business areas:

Coastal and Hydraulics Lab Flume Study

Geospatial Research & Engineering

  • Technical Preparation of Joint Operating Environment (JOE)
  • Geospatial Informatics and Framework
  • Geo-Information Preparation of JOE
  • Geo-Enabled Mission Command Enterprise

Installations & Environment

  • Adaptive and Resilient Installations
  • Sustainable Ranges and Lands
  • Military Materials in the Environment

Military Engineering

  • Force Protection in Base Camps
  • Enhanced Tele-engineering Research
  • Objective Force Reaching in Urban Terrains
  • Weapons Effects in Urban Terrains

  Water Resources

  • Navigation and Hydropower
  • Flood and Coastal Systems
  • Water Supply, Emergency Management
  • Environment – Restoration, Regulation, Stewardship
  • Water Resources Infrastructure
  • System-Wide Water Resources
  • Basic Research