Director's Welcome

a Dr. David W. Pittman

Dr. David W. Pittman, Director

The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) is a premier research organization solving the toughest challenges faced by our Nation and military today. The technologies we provide our Soldiers are unmatched. Our force protection advancements save lives, both overseas and here at home. Our innovations allow our forces to deploy quickly anywhere in the world for military and humanitarian missions. ERDC solutions are helping our warfighters to move faster, stay safer and dominate the battlefields of today and tomorrow.

ERDC’s advanced research also addresses national environmental and water problems that affect our lives in flood control, threatened and endangered species, contaminants, navigation, infrastructure, hurricane and storm protection and other diverse areas.

ERDC has unique world-class equipment and facilities, ranging from the world’s fastest supercomputers to one-of-a-kind physical models. But the most important thing we’ve got going—our biggest strength—is our people. My greatest privilege is leading this team of internationally recognized experts—engineers, scientists, physicists, mathematicians, technicians and support personnel. These professionals are helping make the world a safer and better place. Thank you for taking the time to discover more about ERDC.