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Technology Transfer (T2) Officers

General inquiries
Jeffrey Ditullio
Phone: 508-206-3494


Katie Fairley
Phone: 601-634-3391


Phone: 601-634-4113
Cell: 601-415-9742
Jennifer Hynum
Phone: 601-634-4063
Jeannette (Jenny) Jabour
Phone: 601-634-2584
Cell: 601-618-2189
Melissa Keen
Phone: 601-634-4880


Lynn L. Zanow
Phone: 601-634-3319
Cell: 937-684-2160

ERDC Patents and Technologies Available for Licensing

ERDC is authorized to license our intellectual property to private industry and other entities. Once a patent application has been filed for an invention, that invention can be licensed through commercial development and use. We also work with our Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) partners, ERDCWERX and TechLink, to help organizations pursue license applications for ERDC patents.

For more information, see the lists of ERDC patents available for licensing and visit ERDCWERX and TechLink’s websites.