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Equipment and Facilities

At the Environmental Lab's Aquatics and Fish Lab

ERDC has unique world-class equipment and facilities, ranging from the world’s fastest supercomputers to one-of-a-kind physical models.

ERDC hosts one of six Department of Defense High Performance Computing Centers. The Center’s Cray XT3 and XT4 supercomputers are some of the most powerful and fastest in the world, with a capability of 115 trillion calculations per second. Computing capacity will soon reach 287 trillion calculations per second with the imminent addition of the SGI supercomputer.

Other unique and world-class facilities include the world’s most powerful centrifuge, blast effects facilities, physical models of river and coastal projects, endangered species laboratories, heavy vehicle simulators, hazardous waste research laboratories, frost and ice engineering facilities, and an 1,800-foot coastal research pier. 

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