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  • Caleffi et. al. "Finite Volume Method for Simulating Extreme Flood Events in Natural Channels." Journal of Hydraulic Research, Vol. 41, No. 2, 2003, 167-177.


  • rectangular flume
  • 25 m length
  • 1 m width
  • variable depth

Bump Domain

Initial Conditions

  • no flow
  • 0.33 water surface elevation

Boundary Conditions

  • 0.18 cms upstream inflow (left)
  • 0.33 downstream water surface elevation (right)

Run Files

The mesh (*.3dm), boundary condition (*.bc), and hotstart (*.hot) file can be downloaded from

  • Bump.3dm
  • Bump.bc


  • Model run to steady state
  • Hydraulic jump forms on downstream side of the bump
  • Modeled results (points), Analytic Results (line)

Bump Results

Bump water surface elevation results