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Who We Are

The U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (est. February 1, 1961) solves interdisciplinary, strategically important problems for the Corps of Engineers, Army, Department of Defense, and the Nation. CRREL discovers, develops, and delivers advanced and applied science and engineering to complex environments, materials, and processes in all seasons and climates. 

One of seven laboratories that are the heart of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, CRREL is a national resource focused on solving specific, customer-driven problems and conducting innovative research in five program areas - Civil Works - Engineered Resilient Systems - Environmental Quality & Installations - Geospatial Research & Engineering - Military Engineering.

Capabilities & Research Areas

Partnerships & Collaborations

CRREL partners with government agencies (federal, state and local), academia, and industry to deliver far-reaching national and international impacts. 

Specialized Facilities

Facts, Figures & Economic Impact (FY2017)

  • 220 employees (194 federal, 15 contractors, 10 students, 1 Active Duty Military)
  • $16.4 million total payroll
  • 115 Engineers and Scientists (E&S)
    • 35 Doctorates, 44 Masters' and 28 Bachelors' degrees (E&S)
  • $8 million in New Hampshire/Vermont contracts
  • $100K in local area purchases
  • 8 employees deployed in response to hurricane relief
  • Many CRREL families, and retirees live in the greater Hanover, N.H. (Grafton County) and Upper Connecticut River Valley areas in both New Hampshire and Vermont and make routine, community contributions via economic, educational, charitable, social and professional interaction
  • Source: Management Integration Office


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Engineer Research & Development Center
Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory 
72 Lyme Road
Hanover, NH 03755-1290