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*The Permafrost Tunnel is NOT open for public tours, however, we offer access for research, outreach and education purposes by appointment only.

For researchers and educators affiliated with University of Alaska Fairbanks, please contact the office of the Vice Chancellor for Research to coordinate access.


Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility

Permafrost Tunnel Entry
A split within the permafrost tunnel.
A CRREL researcher studies an ice wedge, one of numerous massive ice features in the tunnel.

Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility - PTRF 

Permafrost - ice wedges - ice lenses - other permafrost features - bones from the Pleistocene Epoch: bison, mammoth, horse...

Excavated from 1963–1969 for the study of permafrost, geology, ice science, and mining and construction techniques specific to permafrost environments, the PTRF is one of the the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the nation's unique, natural research facilities.

The Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory operates, maintains and provides research at this field site for the nation and the world as part of its mission for the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.

The PTRF in Fox, Alaska 
is available for scientific research projects studying a frozen environment over 40,000 years old 

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Explore an Arctic research facility first excavated in the 1960s, including features such as ice wedges as tall as houses, green grass from thousands of years ago, and bison bones embedded in permafrost. Some features are up to 40,000 years old! Learn about current research and rapid changes happening to permafrost.

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