Ecosystem Evaluation and Engineering Division, EE

Published Oct. 6, 2016


Our mission is to support the Corps and the Army by providing ecological and engineering expertise to solve ecosystem restoration and management problems.


Our purpose is to find and deliver innovative solutions to ecosystem restoration and management challenges in support of our customers' business processes and project delivery teams. To accomplish this,

  • we maintain core technical expertise, and supporting facilities and equipment, in biological, ecological and physical sciences, engineering and related disciplines; and 
  • we provide a broad spectrum of basic and applied research services, technology development, technology transfer, technical assistance, and training.

Where we work

We work in a wide variety of aquatic, wetland, coastal, riparian, and terrestrial systems throughout the nation and overseas.

ERDC Point of Contact
Questions about the Ecosystem Evaluation and Engineering Division?
Contact: Kristy Luckett
Phone: 601-634-4198