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Drinking Water System Security Model

Published Dec. 3, 2012


The protection of our water distribution system has to be one of the main concerns for the United States and the rest of the world. Research on detection, prevention and mitigation of contamination of water distribution systems in a small scale is currently being performed at the Integrated Water Security Laboratory at the ERDC Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL).

There are several components of the CERL program that offer leap-ahead technology in water security. To prove the reliability of the CERL in line detection-mitigation model water distribution system, different kinds of experimentation have been performed. Our researches are based on replicate different water conditions around the world and simulate possible water contamination, to be detected by an early warning system and treated by high quality-unique filtration system.

CERL will be cooperating with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on water distribution system components running on a supercomputer to prioritize the placement of security sensors.  The system can also be modified to prioritize the placement of equipment to serve other goals such as the Army's net-zero-water initiative.

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