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Adaptive Hydraulics Model System

Published Nov. 21, 2012
ADH philosophy showing multiphysics capability

ADH philosophy showing multiphysics capability


Adaptive Hydraulics (ADH) is a modular, parallel, adaptive finite-element model for one-, two- and three-dimensional flow and transport. ADH is a module of the Department of Defense (DoD) Surface-Water Modeling System and Ground-Water Modeling System. ADH simulates groundwater flow, internal flow and open channel flow. The ADH module was developed in the Engineer Research and Development Center’s Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory and is a product of the System-Wide Water Resources Program.


ADH was developed to address the environmental concerns of the DoD in estuaries, coastal regions, river basins, reservoirs and groundwater.

Expected Cost to Implement

The program is available to the Corps of Engineers and other DoD agencies at no charge.


The general features in ADH that benefit the modeler include:

  • Adaptation: The user needs only to generate a general mesh to capture the geometry of the problem. ADH will automatically refine it to provide accurate solutions and more stable and less expensive simulations.
  • Portability: ADH can run efficiently on a wide variety of platforms ranging from standard PCs to high-end supercomputers.


Over the next four years, all of the modules within ADH will be extended to allow more capabilities. Eventually an overall domain will include regions that are nonhydrostatic, hydrostatic and groundwater.

Distribution Sources

The ADH module is currently available to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts and other government agencies. A version covering two-dimensional shallow-water flow with sediment transport was released to the general public in late 2007.

Available Documentation

Click here for technical manuals and other information pertaining to ADH

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