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PUBLICATION NOTIFICATION: Coincidence Processing of Photon-Sensitive Mapping Lidar Data

US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Published April 14, 2020



Report Number: ERDC/GRL TR-20-1
Title: Coincidence Processing of Photon-Sensitive Mapping Lidar Data

By Christian Marchant, Ryan Kirkpatrick, and David Ober

Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited February 2020

Abstract: Photon-sensitive mapping lidar systems are able to image at greater collection area rates and ranges than linear-mode systems. However, these systems also experience greater noise levels due to shot noise, image blur, and dark current, which must be filtered out before the imagery can be exploited. Described in this report is a synthetic test data set of imagery from a notional airborne Geiger-mode lidar. Also described is the Bridge Sign algorithm, which uses a least-squares technique for noise filtering. The algorithm’s performance was validated using synthetic test imagery of both a toy scene and of a realistic scene, which were generated using the parameters of a notional airborne Geiger-mode system. Analysis of the results shows the technique effectively removes noise and preserves fine details with good fidelity.

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