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PUBLICATION NOTICE: Quantifying Wave Breaking Shape and Suspended Sediment in the Surf Zone

US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Published Jan. 15, 2020



Report Number: ERDC/CHL TR-19-22

Title: Quantifying Wave Breaking Shape and Suspended Sediment in the Surf Zone

By Patrick J. Dickhudt, Nicholas J. Spore, Katherine L. Brodie, and A. Spicer Bak

Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited November 2019

Abstract: This technical report describes a field experiment conducted from 18 November 2016 to 26 October 2017 at the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, Field Research Facility, as part of a 6.1 Military Engineering Basic Research Project titled New Field Measurements and Parameterizations to Predict Wave Breaking Shape from Environmental Forcing. This report provides an overview of the project, presents the motivation and goals of the project, describes the suite of instrumentation and experimental procedure, documents the field data collection effort, and catalogs the raw data products.


62 pages / 4.4 Mb

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