Environmental Chemistry Branch, EPC

Published Oct. 6, 2016


The Environmental Chemistry Branch conducts research and development in environmental analytical chemistry methodology and molecular biology to support the Army Civil Works and Military Environmental Quality programs. Support is provided in the general areas of analytical chemistry methods development for environmental research programs in the ERDC, Quality Assurance (QA) programs for the Corps' Hazardous, Toxic, Radiological Waste (HTRW) programs and analytical chemistry and environmental chemistry evaluations for Corps Districts and other Federal Agencies. Serves as the ERDC expert on analytical chemical analysis for environmental quality research and development.

Represents the ERDC as appropriate with the Office, Chief of Engineers; Corps Divisions; Corps Districts; Army; and other DoD and other Government agencies in matters pertaining to environmental chemical research and development and analytical chemistry. Furnishes chemistry quality assurance (QA) and chemical analytical services in support of Chemical Data Quality Management for HTRW investigative and remedial activities as outlined in Engineer Regulation (ER) 1110-1-263, and provides chemical quality assurance for water quality investigations.


  1. Conducts research for Long Term Groundwater Monitoring focused on analytical chemistry improvements such as development of biosensors, miniaturized mass spectrometers, and solventless extraction techniques.
  2. Completes environmental chemistry research in proteomics aimed at differential protein expression caused by various toxins.
  3. Provides state-of-the-art chemical analysis such as perchlorate analysis using liquid chromatography with dual quadrupole mass spectrometric determination for Corps environmental programs.
  4. Provides specialized and routine analytical chemistry support for ERDC research, Corps Districts, field offices, and other government agencies.
  5. Supports Corps HTRW Programs and the HTRW CX by providing quality assurance/quality control chemistry input including data review and validation, commercial laboratory inspection, and project specific performance evaluation standards.
  6. Develops and implements analytical chemistry capability to support dredge operations research and Corps District dredge operations; maintains unique analytical chemistry capability for dredge material such as analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons by select ion monitoring mass spectrometry.
  7. Provides analytical chemistry support to Corps Districts to assist in environmental problem decision making and contracting for analytical services.

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