Ecological Resources Branch, EEE

Published Oct. 6, 2016


The Ecological Resources Branch (ERB) conducts research and development, and provides technical support and technology transfer in support of ecological assessment, management, and restoration of habitats, communities, and landscapes for the Department of Defense (including the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE)) and other Federal agencies. Research and development primarily addresses means to enhance stewardship of the Nation’'s natural resources and development of basic knowledge of ecosystem processes in terrestrial and riparian communities in support of resource conservation. Specific work includes application of existing methods and development of new technology for assessing, managing, and restoring habitats for wildlife in terrestrial and riparian ecosystems. ERB also conducts research in maintenance of biodiversity, cumulative impacts, habitat modeling and assessment, and technology designed to improve habitats through streambank and shoreline erosion control and restoration using bioengineering approaches. Efforts are focused on assisting customers in obtaining and applying the best possible conservation technologies and strategies appropriate for their lands and natural resources.


  1. Carry out field studies, product/systems development, and demonstrations on bioengineering for erosion control and habitat restoration along shores of bays, estuaries, and lakes, and banks of rivers and streams.
  2. Develop and assess habitat evaluation for inventory and assessment of terrestrial wildlife species and communities. Streamline, automate, and link existing habitat evaluation tools (including HEP, HydroGeomorphic Method, and Incremental Cost Analysis) for access and use by field personnel.
  3. Conduct studies on wildlife and wildlife habitat management covering a broad array of species, communities, and habitats at the local or regional level. Major focus is on development and implementation of sampling and management techniques, and wildlife habitat design.
  4. Conduct research and development on threatened and endangered species and their habitats in a wide range of ecological settings on COE and military properties.
  5. Develop and evaluate tools and techniques for field inventory and monitoring, habitat modeling, and impact and risk assessment supporting conservation of threatened and endangered species.
  6. Improve technology and guidelines for management, restoration, and maintenance of riparian zones for both water quality and wildlife. Develop protocols to assess functions and values of riparian buffers and corridors in an ecosystem context.
  7. Provide Federal and state agency personnel with access to the newest conservation technologies and assessment techniques through formal training courses (Proponent-Sponsored Engineer Corps Training – PROSPECT) and workshops.

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