ESOH Compliance Tools Features

Published Dec. 28, 2012
ESOH Tools help workers perform a compliance assessment at Fort Shafter, Hawaii.

ESOH Tools help workers perform a compliance assessment at Fort Shafter, Hawaii.

Assessments for Government Environmental Regulations

See the main Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Tools Fact Sheet here.



CERL developers have designed computer applications to assist personnel in using the ESOH Compliance Tools.

Compliance and Process Tracking (CPTrack)

  • Helps Federal agencies institute and manage the entire environmental and safety compliance assessment process and the EMS conformance assessment process—from field audits and report writing through corrective action and management plans.
  • Enables Federal agencies to create a tailored checklist and conduct a self-audit tailored to the activities and functions at a facility, document an internal/external audit, track the closure of findings of noncompliance, document regulator site visits, and reduce the number of data calls to the field, via web-based tool.
  • Supports the compliance auditing programs of the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, and the Veterans Administration. Contact Donna Schell for more information and/or a demonstration.


  • Provides on-line, searchable database where Federal agencies can identify environmental compliance requirements that apply to their facilities and activities, and then distribute those requirements to individual facilities.
  • Offers assessment “how-to” guidance and easy access to the protocols to all levels of users, links checklist items to processes, provides simplified checklists and guidance for facility self-assessments, and allows users to download the protocols in different computer formats for use in agency-specific software.
  • Supports the compliance auditing programs of the US Postal Service, Army, Air Force and Navy.  For a demonstration and more information please contact Peter Heinricher.

Compliance Assessment Protocols

  • Provide access to current regulatory information structured in a consistent format, helping Federal facility personnel achieve and maintain facility compliance.
  • Are available for all environmental subject areas included in the TEAM Guide.
  • Are distributed via in MSWord and PDF formats. The protocol checklists are also available in Microsoft Access.

Environmental Compliance Audit Training

  • Offers on-site audit training courses for Federal facility personnel that demonstrate how to conduct internal compliance assessments using the TEAM Guide.
  • Helps incorporate environmental compliance into daily activities and helps reduce instances of non-compliance, provides environmental awareness learning, and assists installations in conducting internal compliance audits.
  • Consists of on-site training, hard copy manuals and on-line auditing tools.

Documentation, Training & Support

Training on the use of these tools is available from the individuals listed below. Training on how to conduct audits, write top-notch findings, and perform quality assessments/quality control on audit processes and findings is also available.

ERDC Points of Contact

Questions about ESOH Compliance Tools?

Contact: Peter M. Heinricher
(TEAM Guide State Supplements and ListBuilder)
Phone: 217-398-5510

Tina Hurt
(OSH Guide, Overseas Compliance Tools, and audit program development and implementation)
Phone 217-373-3441

David M. Sperry
Phone 217-373-7289

Updated 25 August 2020

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