Mini Robotic Submersible - Dredge (MRS-D)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published March 7, 2019
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A major portion of U.S. military combat power and sustainment will arrive in theater via commercial shipping and military sealift vessels of varying drafts.  In order to optimize force closure timelines and sustain the force vessels must unload as close to the point of debarkation as possible. The MRSD will provide an organic and intermodal transportable dredging capability to enable joint forces access and maneuver through areas previously inaccessible due to shallow shoreline gradients.

System Components

  • Unmanned submersible Mini Dredge
  • Topside Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  • 300’ umbilical line
  • Mobile Control Room
  • Pipe, fittings, floats, handling equip.
  • Underwater Video and Acoustic cameras
  • Control and Monitoring software
  • Stored and transportable in four 20’ ISO containers

Operational Characteristics

  • 6” dredge pump that can move up to 200 cubic yards/hour
  • Real time operational and performance monitoring using on-board sensors.
  • Crewed and maintained by a 6-man team
  • Purpose built dredge for port and harbor dredging ops and JLOTS beach landing operations
  • Modular pump/head adaptable for different types of employment (excavator, crane, cable)
  • Interchangeable heads (cutter, non-clog, jetting)

Current Status

  • In second year of FY18-FY21 USTRANSCOM JDDE RDT&E program
  • Training operator and maintenance personnel
  • Selecting field test sites
  • Acquiring support materials
  • Selecting and integrating sensors
  • Drafting operator and maintenance manuals

Contact, 601-634-2959 or 601-634-2010 

Contacts Updated 25 August 2020

Thad Pratt
David Nguyen

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