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Mobile Information Collection Application

Detroit fire fighters use MICA to catalogue a vacant home.
Mobile computing leads to quicker data analysis by eliminating the use of paper for more accurate data entry and drastically reducing time required to collect and transfer data.
MICA:WET users can expedite field audits using a mobile tablet.

The Mobile Information Collection Application (MICA) provides a faster, more efficient way for collecting and managing field data.

Using commercial Smartphones and the ERDC-developed MICA software, data can be captured digitally from the start saving hours of writing on forms and typing data into spreadsheets.


Mobile application tracks water equipment
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - A newly developed mobile “app” can speed installation water audits, provide accurate data, and lower the cost of tracking equipment. The Mobile Information Collection Application:...
ITL, UROC mission: New England data collection
FORT BELVOIR, Va.—ERDC Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Reachback Operations Center (UROC) recently began participating in a data collection mission...
ERDC-Developed Application Simplifies Field Data Collection and Analysis
Oct. 27, 2011Contact  Public Affairs Office601-634-3188VICKSBURG, Miss. — ERDC researchers have created a faster, more efficient way for collecting and managing field data using one of the most common...
ERDC’s 2012 USACE Innovation of the Year Winner – MICA Expands its focus
Sept. 13, 2012ContactPublic Affairs Office601-634-3188DETROIT, Mich. -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 2012 Innovation of the Year winner is ERDC’s Mobile Information Collection Application...