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Protecting our workforce and environment

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Safety, environmental compliance, and occupational health are topics critical to success. The ERDC team is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment and the Safety and Environmental Management Office is here to assist you.

SEMO plans, develops, manages, and monitors safety, environmental compliance, and occupational health programs to establish standards for all ERDC personnel, contractors, and visitors by implementing guidance and regulations from higher authorities, conserving ERDC resources, and protecting the environment.


  1. safety and accident prevention
  2. environmental management
  3. occupational health services
  4. radiation protection
  5. industrial hygiene
  6. Dive Safety Representative (ER 385-1-86)
  7. EAP - Employee Assistance Program
        EAP counselor 866 443 3277

Program themes

SEMO helps ERDC stay focused on safer, better methods by emphasizing annual program themes. (see presentation)



Directorate of Enterprise Operations


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