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Tag: Africa--Refuse and refuse disposal
  • Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Planning in Select African Countries

    Abstract: Managing wastes produced during contingency operations in United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM) locations has historically relied on local contract disposal or open-air burn pits, which have been shown to be harmful to the health of service members. Posture locations that can find alternative ways to manage waste, specifically through contracts with the host country’s waste services, can better protect the health and safety of the warfighter and the native landscapes. African waste systems are complex, decentralized systems with considerable regional variation. The lack of government-funded waste management services leaves many residents with few options for safe disposal. The differing waste disposal strategies are described to offer guidance for military operations in the focus countries of Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, and Uganda. Relevant international agreements regulating the flow of hazardous waste across borders that can impact disposal plans are also noted. This report serves as a reference to develop waste management alternatives in the USAFRICOM area of responsibility (AOR). Official Department of Defense and Army regulations should be consulted when devising an integrated waste management plan.