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Tag: Levees—Erosion
  • Three-Dimensional Underseepage Evaluation for Profit Island Vicinity Levee, North of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Abstract: This project developed a three-dimensional (3D) seepage model to evaluate efficiency of 84 relief wells and factors of safety (FoS) along the Profit Island vicinity levee (PIVL), north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The PIVL model was built based on US Geological Survey MODFLOW-USG. Moreover, a 3D seepage model of RocScience RS3 was also built for a specific study of relief well experiments conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the 1930s and 1940s. The PIVL model was calibrated with measured piezometric head data and relief well flow rates in 1997. Six flood scenarios were conducted: the extreme flood (56 feet), design flood (52.4 feet), 1997 flood (50 feet), 2008 flood (49.22 feet), 2017 flood (45.55 feet), and 2018 flood (49.1 feet). The modeling results show that FoS are all above 1.5 given relief wells at the 1997 design condition. FoS calculated by the blanket theory are more conservative than those by the PIVL model because designed discharge rates were not observed in the field. In comparison with measured flow rates in 2008, the PIVL modeling result indicates potential clogging at many relief wells. New piezometric data and well discharge data are recommended to re-evaluate factors of safety.