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Tag: Mangrove forests
  • Building Elevation in Mangrove Communities: Use of Regional Sediment Management to Increase Coastal Wetland Resilience to Sea-Level Rise

    Abstract: This Regional Sediment Management technical report outlines initial steps to implement a proof-of-concept physical model to develop demonstration scale evidence that supports managed wetland transgression through sediment augmentation via a thin-layer placement strategy. The proof-of-concept physical model will evaluate the ability of thin-layer placement to increase elevation and enhance recruitment within coastal scrub mangrove wetlands most vulnerable to sea-level rise. The investigation sought to identify feasible project locations, sediment sources that included beneficial use of dredged material opportunities, and environmentally acceptable construction techniques. Results of this initial step will be used to secure funding to permit, construct, implement, and monitor the proof-of-concept physical model. The results of this initiative will inform and direct management measure development for the ongoing Biscayne Bay Southeastern Everglades Restoration Project, the only coastal component of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan and the only component with an obligation to increase habitat resilience. Results are applicable to areas throughout the Gulf, Atlantic, and Pacific Coasts of the United States where direct preservation, enhancement, and restoration of mangrove and other coastal wetland communities will build coastal resiliency, reduce storm hazards damage, and create habitat for a variety of fish and wildlife species, particularly as sea levels rise.
  • Engineering With Nature: The Role of Mangroves in Coastal Protection

    Purpose: The purpose of this Engineering With Nature technical note (EWN TN) is to review previous studies of mangroves as a nature-based adaptation alternative for coastal protection and flood hazard mitigation.