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Tag: Flexible--Service life
  • Evaluation of Solid-Polymer-Modified Asphalt Mixtures Phase 1: Construction and Performance Testing of Field Pavement Sections

    ABSTRACT:  The durability of flexible pavements in cold regions is a challenge due to the impact of environmental conditions and seasonal variations. Other studies have investigated several modifiers as potential solutions to ad-dress cold climate durability of asphalt mixtures. Among these modifiers, polymer modification has shown promise. This study investigated the addition of solid polymer to asphalt mixtures to improve the performance and structural capacity of the material. Four test sections were constructed with different solid-polymer dosage rates: unmodified control, 2.5% polymer, 5% polymer, and 7.5% polymer by weight of binder. Falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing was con-ducted at each test section to evaluate the structural capacity and to identify the performance benefits of the solid-polymer-modified mixtures. This study conducted a comprehensive analysis, including maximum pavement deflection, deflection bowl parameters, backcalculation analysis, structural number, and impulse stiffness modulus. The field investigation results revealed structural benefits in test sections with the solid-polymer-modified mixture (7%–30% increase in stiffness, depending on the dosage rate). Results suggest that solid-polymer modification could be useful in improving the stiffness of asphalt pavements without compromising durability. Therefore, further investigations should evaluate the durability of the solid-polymer-modified asphalt pavements under different environmental conditions.