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Tag: Fluid dynamics
  • Summary of the SciTech 2020 Technical Panel on In Situ/In Transit Computational Environments for Visualization and Data Analysis

    Link: paper was originally presented at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) ScitTech 2020 Technical Panel and published online 4 January 2021. Funding by USACE ERDC under Army Direct funding.Report Number: ERDC/ITL MP-21-10Title: Summary of the SciTech 2020 Technical Panel on In
  • PUBLICATION NOTICE: Quantification of the Flow Field around a Draghead Using a Physical Model

    Abstract: This study quantifies the hydraulic flow field around a draghead using a 1:7 scaled California and general type draghead. The flow field velocity measurements were taken with each draghead stationary and moving with a prototype speed of 2 knots. The measured velocities increased proportionally with the pumping flow rate. Measured velocities were found to be inversely proportional to the distance from the draghead. As a result, the greatest entrainment velocities for the California draghead were measured between the two visors and below the visors. The entrainment velocities laterally of the dragheads were found to increase by a factor of 2 with the addition of either a concrete or sand bed below the draghead. The measured velocities changed dramatically when the draghead was moving with a prototype speed of 2 knots. The measurement locations to the side of the dragheads did not show the presence of fluid entrainment; instead, the velocities were dominated by the forward motion and subsequent generation of a shear layer around the draghead. The velocities behind the draghead indicated the presence of a wake behind the draghead, with the fluid moving forward at velocity equivalent to or greater than the forward translation speed.