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Improving Winter Traction for Vehicles in Northern Operations

US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Published Dec. 3, 2021


This document was originally published as a journal article or conference proceeding. The link and document will be accessible after a 12-month embargo expires (August 12, 2022 for this document). For more information, see "Frequently Asked Questions on Public Access to Federally Funded Journal Articles" at

Report Number: ERDC/CRREL MP-21-28

Title: Improving Winter Traction for Vehicles in Northern Operations

By: Sally Shoop, Clifford Witte, Sebastian Karwaczynski, Clifton Ellis, Eoghan Matthews, Steven Bishel, Barry Bomier, Ronald McCullough, Michael Parker, Scott Martin, Nathan Kamprath, Orian Welling, Bruce Elder

Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

December 2021

19 pages / 1.2 Mb

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Release no. 22-065