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PUBLICATION NOTICE: Development of an Automated Digital System for Delivery of Aquatic Herbicides

US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Published Sept. 9, 2019

The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center has published the report/note described and linked below. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Report Number:

ERDC/EL TR-19-14


Development of an Automated Digital System for Delivery of Aquatic Herbicides


Bruce M. Sabol, Brett Bultemeier, R. Eddie Melton Jr., Kurt D. Getsinger, and Michael D. Netherland


The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requires that aquatic herbicide applicators revise treatment strategies to achieve high precision delivery of products and detailed reporting of treatments. A unique three-dimensional (3-D) technology was developed to meet these requirements using a new system that accounts for depth variation within a treatment area. Adaptations to a 3-D aquatic environment must account for variable depth, boat speed, difficult to see treatment plot boundaries, prevention of overtreatment by unintended crossing of treatment lines, and effects of horizontal and vertical dilution of the applied chemical. A test was conducted in Lake Underhill, FL, during which dye was delivered by the new system using the existing techniques and using the new 3-D technique. Results showed that a computer could automate a liquid herbicide treatment process and account for depth variations within a plot. Testing of the delivery system was a successful phase in developing and refining precision application techniques for submersed aquatic herbicide applications.

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