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PUBLICATION NOTICE: Coastal Modeling System: Dredging Module Simulation with Multiple Grain Sizes

US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Published Aug. 23, 2019

The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center has published the report/note described and linked below. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

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Coastal Modeling System: Dredging Module Simulation with Multiple Grain Sizes 


Christopher W. Reed and Mitchell E. Brown


This Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note (CHETN) describes the use of the Dredging Module (DM) with multiple grain-size sediment transport within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Coastal Modeling System (CMS). The DM simulates one or more dredging operations during a CMS simulation and provides options for the dredging and placement of material. The DM may be used in studies such as estimating future dredging requirements, evaluating alternative dredging operations, and analyzing morphologic consequences of dredging operations. Simulating multiple sediment grain-sizes within the DM includes representation of the transport of discrete grain size fractions in the water column as well as in the substrate. An application to an idealized coastal area is provided to illustrate the setup procedure and demonstrate the model capability.

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