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PUBLICATION NOTICE: Determination of nanomaterials’ film thickness using filmetrics F40-UV thin-film analyzer; Standard Operating Procedure Series : Characterization (C)

US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Published Aug. 5, 2019

The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center has published the report/note described and linked below. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

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Determination of Nanomaterials' Film Thickness Using Filmetrics F40-UV Thin-Film Analyzer; Standard Operating Procedure Series : Characterization (C)


Qihua Wu, Kathryn Kremer, and Stephen Gibbons


Optical measurement techniques have been widely used for the determination of thin film thicknesses and optical constants. This standard operating procedure (SOP) presents a specific protocol for the determination of nanomaterial thin-film thicknesses and their optical constants - including the refractive index (RI) and the extinction coefficient - using a Filmetrics F40-UV Thin Film Analyzer. Procedures and recommendations of instrument preparation and parameters, sample measurement, and results analysis are included. The procedure applies to a wide range of nanomaterial thin films in the thickness range from approximately 4 nm to 25 μm.

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