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Posted 4/6/2012

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April 6, 2012

Public Affairs Office

HANOVER, N.H. — ERDC-CRREL recently hosted a visit from local high school students and a teacher as part of their March Intensive activity, LUV: Livelihoods in the Upper Valley.

March Intensive is an annual four-day student enrichment program in which Hanover High School teachers and students are provided a wide diversity of courses that are organized and taught by students, staff, and community members. The goal is to achieve opportunities for meaningful learning experiences that are different from what already exists in the school's curriculum. The larger community can get involved by leading courses, sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise and students are provided with the opportunity to study one subject in depth throughout the day, rather than switching courses, as well as work with teachers in a different context.

During their visit to CRREL, the students were exposed to a variety of disciplines in the research and development laboratory environment. Dr. Edel Cortez provided an overview of the laboratory; Dr. Zoe Courville pesented work that focuses on measuring snowfall in the Antarctic and Greenland; Ken Yamamoto briefed on the use of sensors in the battlefield to keep Soldiers safe; and Nate Lamie, briefed the students on support to the researchers and scientists and his work with measurement systems.

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