Awards ceremony celebrates employee achievements

Published Aug. 28, 2018
Awards ceremony celebrates employee achievements

James Davis, Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, receives a Meritorious Civilian Service Award at the 2018 U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center Awards Ceremony on May 22. Dr. Beth Fleming, deputy director of ERDC, and Col. Bryan Green, ERDC commander, stand to congratulate him.

VICKSBURG, Miss. (June 22, 2018)--Dr. Beth C. Fleming, deputy director of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, hosted the 2018 ERDC annual awards program May 22. Staff members at Vicksburg’s four ERDC laboratories were recognized for their outstanding achievements in a variety of categories.  

"I want to congratulate all of our award recipients. These awards are one way ERDC recognizes the recipients' dedication to their professions and to ERDC, and to delivering solutions every day," said Fleming. "You are appreciated — and your efforts contribute tremendously to making ERDC the great organization that it is."

Staff and researchers selected for awards represent all ERDC laboratories; the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, Environmental Laboratory, Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory and Information Technology Laboratory in Vicksburg. Separate ceremonies are held at out of state locations, the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory in Champaign, Illinois; the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory in Hanover, New Hampshire; and the Geospatial Research Laboratory in Alexandria, Virginia.  In addition, persons from the Directorate of Enterprise Operations and the Executive Office are represented.

Dr. Richard Stockstill and Dr. Jeffery Holland were both inducted into the Waterways Experiment Station Gallery of Distinguished Civilian Employees. Stockstill and Holland were longstanding leaders at ERDC, both now retired.

Award categories and selectees:

ERDC Researcher of the Year Award:
Dr. Ghassan K. Al-Chaar, CERL
ERDC Research and Development Achievement Award:  
Dr. Christopher M. Warner, Dr. Aimee R. Poda, Dr. Kevin R. Pilkiewicz, Dr. Edward J. Perkins, EL; and Dr. Eftihia Barnes, GSL

Dr. Michael I. Hammons, Dr. Michael J. Roth, Dr. Andreas O. Frank, Patrick M. Kieffer, 
George H. Vankirk, Dr. William F. Heard, Dr. Jesse A. Sherburn, Amie J. Burroughs, 
Rayment E. Moxley and Dylan Scott, GSL

Dr. Michael P. Case, Dr. Ghassan K. Al-Chaar, Eric L. Kreiger, Megan A. Kreiger, 
Dr. Richard J. Liesen, Bruce A. MacAllister, G. Russ Northrup, Dr. Peter B. Stynoski and Justine A. Yu, CERL

Terry D. Melendy Jr., Dr. Robert B. Haehnel, George Blaisdell, Dr. Sally A. Shoop and 
Janet Hardy, CRREL

Dr. Paul A. Sparks, Dr. Jesse A. Sherburn, Dr. William F. Heard, Brett A. Williams and 
Richard E. Magee, GSL

Dr. Bruce A. Pruitt, Dr. William T. Slack and Dr. K. Jack Killgore, EL

Dr. Paige Buchanan, SIO; Dr. Manoj K. Shukla, EL; Dr. Robert D. Moser, 
Zackery B. McClelland and Jennifer A. Jefcoat, GSL

Dr. Leslie C. Leonard, Jason King, Thomas P. Ring and Krisa Rowland, ITL

Phillip J. Durst, Justin T. Carrillo, Dr. Gabriel Monroe, David P. McInnis, Christopher L. Cummins, Brent S. Newell, GSL: Lacy V. Boler, Corey E. Mize and Lisa A. Kubiak, 

Dr. Leslie Leonard, Dr. Rajeev Agrawal, Jason King, Dr. Ben Parsons and Krisa Rowland, 

Megan A. Kreiger, CERL

Terrance W. Westerfield, GRL

ERDC Program Development Achievement Award:
Dr. Brandon J. Lafferty, William T. Jones and Jessica G. Coleman, EL

Dr. Steven L. Larson, John H. Ballard and Dr. Elizabeth A. Ferguson, EL

Dr. Stacy E. Howington, Nagaraju V. Kala, Clay B. Blount, Micah J. Lies, Aaron M. Sullivan, Carey D. Price, GSL; Michele L. Maxson, CRREL

Dr. Rebekah C. Wilson and Brooke A. Divan, CERL

Dr. Cary A. Talbot, Dr. Charles W. Downer, Stephen J. Turnbull, Dr. Drew A. Loney, 
Clay W. Lahatte, Dr. Nawa R. Pradhan, CHL; Dr. Patrick N. Deliman, EL; Michael J. Shaw, CRREL

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technology Transition to Federal Agencies:
Michael S. Smith, Samuel G. Baldwin, Emeline C. Schindler, Trevor L. Skaggs, 
David C. Finnegan, CRREL.

Dr. Gregory C. Bessette, Gustavo Emmanuelli and William M. Hossley, GSL

Dr. Norberto C. Nadal-Caraballo, Victor M. Gonzales Nieves, Debbie R.  Green, 
Amanda B. Lewis and Efrain Ramos Santiago, CHL

Nathan P. Frantz, Katlyn N. Castillo, Michael F. Mailloux, Matthew L. Renner and 
Thomas D. Harner, GRL

Erin Rae Gore, Dr. Robert D. Moser, Kyle L. Klaus, Cody M. Strack, Jason A. Morson 
and Zackery B. McClelland, GSL

Deborah R. Felt, Luke A. Gurtowski and Jared L. Johnson, EL

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technology Transfer to Non-Federal Parties
Christopher M. Moore and Dr. Robert D. Moser, GSL

Dr. Brian C. McFall and Dr. Katherine E. Brutsché, CHL

Nathan J. Lamie, Leonard J. Zabilansky, Charles E. Schelewa, Seth W. Campbell, Jared I. Oren, Dr. Zoe R. Courville, Troy W. Arnold, Bruce C. Elder and Keran J. Claffey, CRREL

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO):
Omar G. Flores, GSL

ERDC Award for Excellence in Operational Support:
Donald H, Nelson, Dr. Michael J. Roth, Omar G. Flores, Dr. Mark D. Adley, 
Dr. Kent T. Danielson, George H. Vankirk, Jeffrey G. Averett, Dr. Gordon W. McMahon, Charles W. Ertle II, GSL; and Amanda A. Huskey, UROC

Jeremiah Pant, Jill Leach, Monica Moore, Stephanie Lowe and Shirley Riddle, ORTT

George L. Blaisdell, Dr. Robert B. Haehnel, Terry D. Melendy Jr., Dr. Zoe R. Courville, 
Dr. Sally A. Shoop, Renee D. Melendy and Janet P. Hardy, CRREL

Jennifer M. Wozencraft, Lauren M. Dunkin, Eve R. Eiseman and Michael A. Hartman, CHL

Dr. Michael J. Roth, Charles W. Ertle II, George H. Vankirk, Billy W. Bullock, John S. Judson, David V. Senior, Alex J. Jackson, Jim W. Hall III, Shannon L. Garlington and Joshua C. Pope, GSL

Charles T. Decker, H. Garth Anderson, Kurt J. Kinnevan, Dr. Nathaniel H. Putnam, 
Dr. Martin A. Page, Richard D. Weichsler, Amanda A. Ehmann and Jonathan M. Goebel, 

Billy D. Fuller, Donald C. Wilson, Marshall P Thomas, Kevin L. Pigg, Curtis L. Blades, 
Erick W. Simmons, Cody M. Bryant and Gregory P. Mitchell, CHL

ERDC Award for Outstanding Team Effort: 
Dr. Victor F. Medina, Dr. Anthony J. Bednar, Dr. Jonathon A. Brame, Dr. Elizabeth A. Ferguson, Dr. Christopher S. Griggs, Luke A. Gurtowski, Jared L. Johnson, Dr. Edith Martinez-Guerra, Jose A. Mattei-Sosa, John H. Ballard, Scott A. Waisner, EL; Elizabeth Gao, Dr. Martin A. Page, Dr. Imee G. Smith, CERL; Dr. Robert D. Moser, GSL

Dr. George W. Calfas, Noah W. Garfinkle, Matthew D. Hiett, Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit, 
Patrick J. Guertin, Dr. Ghassan K. Al-Chaar, Eric L. Kreiger, Tina M. Hurt, Pamela M. Rusinko, Thomas M. Foltz, Ellen R. Hartman, CERL; Dr. Igor Linkov, EL; James C. Ray, GSL; 
Dr. Raimundo Dos Santos, GRL; Dr. Mark D. Wahl, CHL

Dr. Michael I. Hammons, August N. Johnson, William J. Quimby Jr., Dwayne E. Spates, Christopher P. Rabalais, Tyler N. Temple, David B. Miller, Clinton A. Barela, GSL; 
John R. Bull III, David A. Nguyen, Darryl D. Bishop, Marshall P. Thomas, Justin S. Strickler, 
CHL, Jeremy N. Sellers and William J. Little, DPW

Dr. Katherine L. Brodie, Dr. Tyler J. Hesser, Alexander D. Renaud, Nicholas J. Spore, 
Dr. Brittany L. Bruder, Dr. Matthew W. Farthing, Matthew P. Geheran, CHL; 
Robert L. Fisher Jr., Jarrod D. Edwards, Sean P. Griffin, Matthew A. Voss, GRL; 
Molly K. Rief, Shea L. Hammond, Kenneth B. Matheson and Sean A. Melzer, EL

Haley P. Bell, Y. Lulu Edwards, Mariely Mejias-Santiago, Lyan Garcia, Benjamin C. Cox, Nolan R. Hoffman, Quintin S. Mason, Chase T. Bradley, Jonathan W. Oldenburg, 
James F. Rowland, Jeb S. Tingle, GSL; Jared L. Johnson, EL

ERDC Technical Support Achievement Award: 
James M. Biedenbach, EL

ERDC Administrative Support Achievement Award:
Regina V. Henderson, EL

ERDC Administrative Specialist of the Year Award:
Cynthia C. Arrington, GRL

ERDC Supervisor of the Year Award:  
Thad C. Pratt, CHL
ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Student Outreach (K-12):
Diane M. Cargile, EL; Virginia L. Dickerson, ORTT

Dr. Christa M. Woodley, EL

Dr. Jacqueline S. Pettway, CHL

Dr. Toni T. Lowe, GSL

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Student Outreach College and University Category:
Dr. Robyn A. Barbato, Stacey L. Jarvis, Robert M. Jones and Karen L. Foley, CRREL

Dr. Gary O. Dick, Lynde L. Dodd and Julie G. Nachtrieb, EL

Dr. Christopher S. Griggs and Dr. Victor F. Medina, EL

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Human Capital Development:
Dr. Patricia K. DiJoseph, CHL

Katlyn N. Castillo, GRL, Lauren A. Eckert, ITL, Devin K. Sham, GSL, Angela M. Rhodes, CERL; Kimberly D. McLaughlin, DRM; Ashley E. Frey, CHL; Dr. Christopher A. Hiemstra,  CRREL

Dr. Jerrell R. Ballard, IT;, Dr. Toni T. Lowe, GSL; Eric L. Fox, ORTT; Michael G. Channell, DEO; Vincent J. Durman, DPW

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Knowledge Management
Jennefer R. Beyl, Joycelynn G. Brooks, Jered H. Lambiotte, Molly S. McManus, 
Natalie S. Meyers, H. Brister Wooley, Michael R. Fontan, Herman Moore, Kirsten M. Lahlum and Emily M. Wegryzn, ITL

Misty McDermitt-Taylor, GSL

Martin C. Kittrell, Megan M. Holland, Mary M. Halford, ITL