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CRREL maintains a satellite office in Fairbanks, and other assets in Anchorage. ERB manages facilities and assets, and supports CRREL engineers working on permafrost, remote sensing, environmental engineering, and a range of other topics.

Need a LiDAR to work on a Greenland ice sheet and send data back in real time, year-round, and survive –40°C and 100 mph winds?  We built a custom solution for that, and can do much more for you. (LiDAR - Light Detection and Ranging)

We work with Federal and non-Federal partners to test and evaluate equipment and scaled size infrastructure in simulated extreme environments using large cold facilities. We also combine winter field observations with numerical modeling and scaled physical modeling to develop realistic solutions to infrastructure problems.

We combat the damaging effects of frost heaving and thaw settlement, and develop novel pavements and materials for military engineering, combat construction, and civil works infrastructure applications for the Army, Air Force, and regional Department of Transportation organizations.