The Engineering Resource Branch (ERB) DELIVERS innovative engineering solutions to Warfighters, the Department of Defense, the Nation, Federal, State, and private industry involving systems design and development, pavements and materials RDTE, and the use of environmentally controlled facilities to test, evaluate, and improve infrastructure and equipment for use in cold regions.

Our staff routinely provides the following:

  • Permafrost engineering and remote sensing.
  • Equipment and systems that operate in extreme cold climates.
  • Numerical and scaled physical modeling to develop realistic infrastructure solutions.
  • Cold regions and saltwater oil detection and clean-up techniques and testing facilities.
  • Frost heaving and thaw settlement applications for construction, engineering, and infrastructure.
  • Development of pavements and materials for use and for repair in cold regions.

If you require applied engineering solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and operate in the coldest, darkest, most remote locations on the planet, we are the team you are looking for. 

We specialize in the following:

  • Civil, mechanical, and materials engineering expertise with enabling capabilities.
  • In-house electro-mechanical, and materials design, fabrication and assembly.
  • Materials testing.
  • Equipment testing in environmentally controlled facilities.
  • Cold regions field deployment expertise to collect data in realistic environments.

Principal Investigator(s) (PI)

Jared Oren, Engineering Resources Branch (ERB)-CRREL 

Caitlin Callaghan, Engineering Resources Branch (ERB)-CRREL