Dr. Nicole Elko

Dr. Nicole ElkoDr. Nicole Elko is Science Director for the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA); President of Elko Coastal Consulting based in Folly Beach, SC; a co-Executive Director of the U.S. Coastal Research Program, and Executive Director of the South Carolina Beach Advocates.  In addition to the CERB, she is presently serving as a member of NOAA’s Hydrographic Services Review Panel (HSRP), another Federal Advisory Committee.  She served on Governor McMaster's South Carolina Floodwater Commission in 2019.  Dr. Elko received her Ph.D. (Geology) from the University of South Florida after working with the USGS Coastal Marine Geology Program, St. Petersburg, and while serving as the coastal coordinator for Pinellas County, FL. Her business provides hydrographic surveying, coastal research, and advocacy services.  She has nearly 25 years of experience in coastal science and management, helping local communities increase resilience via beach preservation and marsh management projects along the U.S. Southeast and Gulf coasts.