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Patents Pending

For more information on licensing these inventions, please contact our T2 Officers

Patent Pending # Title
16/239,483 Onloading and off-loading for mechanisms for RAPIDS
16/296,109 Expedient Retrofit
16/796,732 RSS Feeds Navigation Charts IENC
US 2020-0219585 A1 Using an estimated risk assessment with Credible Interval
US 2020-0219589 A1 Using Data-Rich Surrogate Chemicals in Generating Estimated Risk Assessments
US 2020-02190841 A1 Flashing Systems and Methods for Modular Blast, Ballistic, and Forced Entry Resistant Shelters
16/105,177 Multi-Spectral Photocatalytic Compounds
US 2020-0104431 A1 Computer-Aided Design System for Airborne Contaminant Flows
US 2020-0103132 A1 Intelligent Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System 
US 2020-0104431 A1 Computer-Aided Design System for Airborne Contaminant Flows
US 2020-0217702 A1 Acoustic Camera Sytems and Methods for Large Scale Flow Analysis
US 2020-0219271 A1 Motion-Constrained, Multiple-Hypothesis, Target-Tracking Technique
US 2019-0118162 A1 In Situ Testing Apparatus for Detecting and Removing Munitions Compounds From Water
US 2020-0102406 A1 Amine Functionalized Chitin For Removing Munitions Compounds from Solutions
US 2019-0145638 A1 High Volume Air Stream Water Recovery System
US 2019-0266682 A1 Calculating Value of Inspection Information
US 2018-0319681A1 Contactless Ion Concentration Methods and Apparatus Using Nanporous Membrane with Applied Potential
US 2019-0262797 A1  Sediment Capping Layer Constructed form Sand Adhered Sorbent Material
US 2019-0101512 A1 Guided Wave Acoustical Trunnion Rod Crack Detection System
US 2019-0101511 A1 Acoustic Testing System with Highly Conductive Transducer/Rod-End Interface
US 2019-0161331 A1 Forklift Adaptive Accessory 
US 2019-0101464 A1 Remote Measurement of Blast Wave Propagation (Formerly Blast Measurement Device & Methods)
US 2018-0010350 A1 Anti-Ballistic Shelter
US 2019-0368215A1 Modular Anti-Ballistic Shelter System
US 2018-0056544 A1 Scalable Three Dimensional Printing Apparatus
US 2018-0057405 A1 Printable Concrete Composition
US 2018-0088246 A1 Electronically Collimated Gamma Radiation Detector
US 2018-0072625 A1 Performance Grade Asphalt Repair Composition
US 2018-0086533 A1 Cryogenic Storage Receptacle for RFID Data
US 2019-0066010 A1 Predictive Model for Optimizing Facility Usage
US 2019-0050501 A1 Computer Architecture for Predictive Modeling of Deterioration of Individual Components Using Heterogeneous Inspection Records
16/741,705 Comprehensive, Multi-Species Environmental Modeling
US 2018-0025033 A1 Computer Architecture for Creating Multivariate Predictive Models of Oyster Populations
15/479,080 Method for Creating Multivariate Predictive Models of Oyster Populations
US 2018-0039556 A1 System For Modeling Intelligent Sensor Selection and Placement
14/685,311 Iron-Containing Bioreactor & Method for Treating Reducible Compound Residues
16/364,109 Internally Partitioned Revetment Container Configured for Rapid Attainment of Defense Against Small Arms Fire
15/098,225 Process for Using Sellable and Collapsible Lipophilic Super-Absorbent Polymer Gels to Clean Surfaces
13/886,248 Hardened Alternative Trailer System and Methods of Producing Same
13/672,423 Predicted Condition State and Remaining Service Life of a Managed Asset
US 2017-0030800A1 Bedload Transport Methodology and Code
US 2018-0196638 A1 System for Processing Multi-Level Condition Data to Achieve Standardized Prioritization
US 2012-01435666 A1 Complex Index, in Particular a Pavement Condition Index, (PCI)