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Technology Transfer (T2) Officers

Eric Fox

Information Technology Lab - ITL
Coastal and Hydraulics Lab - CHL
Environmental Lab - EL
Geotechnical & Structures Lab - GSL

Johnette (Johnnie) Shockley
Construction Engineering Research Lab - CERL
Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab - CRREL
Geospatial Research Laboratory - GRL

Lynn L. Zanow
Technology Transfer Officer
Partnership Intermediary Liaison

Patents Pending

For more information on licensing these inventions, please contact our T2 Officers


Patent Pending # Title
2002/0130715 System And Method For Adjusting Separate Devices Concurrently
2007/0177940 On-grade Barrier And Method Of Its Use
2007/0264527 System And Method For Increasing Ystem And Method For Increasing The Bond Strength Between A Structural Material And Its Reinforcement
2009/0063177 Web-Based Services Enabling Structured Secure Communication Related To The Design And Management Of Projects
2009/0270269 Nano-Scale Fluoro-Biosensor Exhibiting Nano-Scale Fluoro-Biosensors Exhibiting A Low False Alarm Rate For Rapid Detection Of Biological Contaminants
2009/114319 2011/0005695 Transportable Modular System Permitting Isolation Of Assets
2010/0015579 Cognitive Amplification for Contextual Game-Theoretic Analysis of Military Courses of Action
2010/0247860 Configuration For Increasing The Bond Strength Between A Structural Material And Its Reinforcement
2011/0100265 A Process And System For Increasing Density Of Non-Conductive Porous Solids And Material Made Therefrom
2011/0169638 Subsurface Intrusion Detection System
2011/0220840 Improvement In Fluid Viscosity And Heat Transfer Via Optimized Energizing Of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Based Aqueous Fluids
2011/0262756 Configuration For Improving Bonding And Corrosion Resistance Of Reinforcement Material