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The Water Quality and Contaminant Modeling Branch (WQCMB) conducts research, development, and special studies to predict environmental quality. Mathematical, statistical, and numerical models are used to assess impacts of natural and human-induced influences of aquatic and terrestrial systems. Water quality, light, habitat conditions, sediment water-column interactions, and living resources are among the things simulated in aquatic systems. Watershed loads, contaminant movement, contaminant fate, and exposure are some of the items of concern in terrestrial systems.


  1. Develops and applies models to predict the fate and transport of hazardous and toxic substances (i.e., contaminants) in surface water and groundwater.
  2. Develops routines for contaminant interactions with suspended and benthic sediments and uptake within the food chain.
  3. Conducts subsurface modeling, including models that simulate contaminant transport/fate simulation at hazardous and toxic waste remediation sites and simulation of insitu remediation strategies at such sites.
  4. Conducts research for the development of environmental risk assessment models.
  5. Develops, maintains, and applies models and methods to assess and minimize the effects of hydraulic structures, regulated streams, and the operation of man-made structures on aquatic biota, fisheries, and habitat.
  6. Conducts studies and develops methods to determine the effects of in-stream flow/water quality conditions on aquatic habitat/biota in regulated streams.
  7. Conducts studies and develops methods to assess the effects of hydraulic structures operations and resulting hydrologic alterations on aquatic habitat/biota; develops avoidance/protection/guidance systems to minimize loss of fish through hydraulic structures.

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