Engineered Resilient Systems

High-quality and well-thought-out acquisition decisions play a major role in the DoD mission, and success relies on the ability to develop and sustain combat systems that are effective in an ever-widening range of military operations.

ERDC’s Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS) business area combines advanced engineering techniques with high-performance computing to develop concepts and tools that significantly amplify design options examined during early stages of the acquisition process.

Techniques result in tradespaces that can be generated in hours rather than months, and are thousands of times larger and hundreds of times more accurate than those created via traditional methods. 

Designs are also resilient – systems are dependable, easily modified to meet future missions goals, and possess a predictable lifecycle.

Headquartered at ERDC, ERS efforts span all four DoD services and methods have been effectively applied to analyses of fixed-wing planes, rotorcraft, ground vehicles, and ships. 

By enabling more informed assessments, the ERS program is striving to ensure DoD acquisition time and money is well spent.

Research Thrust Areas

  • Weapon Systems
  • Computational Proving Grounds
  • Operational Environments
  • Analytics