Tag: environmental
  • July

    Following Mother Nature's lead to solve nation's infrastructure challenges

    At a time when Congress is fleshing out the final details of a significant investment in the nation’s infrastructure, Dr. Todd Bridges, Senior Research Scientist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, offered testimony on how infrastructure projects built using natural elements may be the best solution to key infrastructure challenges moving forward.
  • August

    New system recycles water for DECON operations

    The Environmental Security Engineering Team of ERDC’s Environmental Laboratory recently demonstrated the effectiveness of the Decontamination Effluent Treatment System in treating wastewater from decontamination operations at our campus in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
  • December

    New vessel allows greater reach for scientists

    A team with the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center developed a vessel that provides
  • May

    Cold-weather, low-emission vinyl coating tested at Alaska training range

    A new type of vinyl coating system that can be applied in sub-freezing temperatures also complies with emission standards for volatile organic compounds (VOC). ERDC Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) demonstrated the coating on a bridge at Yukon Training Range, Alaska, and is continuing to monitor its performance.
  • April

    Bird population modeling protects Plovers, sustains military mission

    "Snowbirds" is a nickname that popularly describes northerners who enjoy the warmth of winters in Florida. The same holds true for a diversity of birds that migrate to Florida and places further south. These real snowbirds, such as Snowy and Piping Plovers, are benefitting from ERDC team members' environmental recommendations for coastal military installations.