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Posted 7/1/2013

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VICKSBURG, Miss.—ERDC’s Human Capital Office sponsored Camp Invention at three Vicksburg schools during June.

A total of 146 students attended camp at Dana Road Elementary, Bowmar Avenue and Warren Central Intermediate schools. 

This year’s “GeoQuest” theme allowed students to embark on exploring the Earth in the sky, under water, on land and underground in the Ecoverse module.

The Friday Show and Tell to parents included the Iaunchitude challenge where students demonstrated their inventions on how to chuck rubber ducks. 

ERDC Commander Col. Kevin Wilson and Dr. Peggy Wright, assistant director for Human Capital, addressed parents, teachers and students in two closing sessions, stressing the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to the nation and future STEM opportunities for the children.

Learn more about ERDC’s Camp Invention and STEM Programs.

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