Raines named USACE Best AT Program

Published May 17, 2013


VICKSBURG, Miss.—ERDC Antiterrorism (AT) Officer Tim Raines was recently named the 2012 USACE Best AT Program Manager of the Year.  He also received the honor in 2011.

“We have a great security team at ERDC.  Our team exemplifies the Army’s motto “a team of teams, said Raines.  “Everyone in the Security Office worked hard this past year to make ERDC’s AT program successful, but none of that could have happened without the support of ERDC leadership, the laboratories and the CSD elements, especially the Resource Management and Contracting Offices, DPW and ACE-IT,” he said. 

Raines wears many hats.  As ERDC’s Operations Security Officer, he is responsible for implementing the operations security program for all ERDC geographic sites.  He serves as ERDC’s physical security officer and is responsible for the Physical Security Program; serves as the special security representative for a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility; and is the designated ERDC trusted agent security manager for the Contractor Verification System. 

“As a virtual organization, ERDC’s Security Office is required to prepare AT programs, plans and policies for each site.  I try to make a couple of trips a year to each site, including the Alaska Field Offices, to evaluate security operations.   With the new budgetary constraints in place, technologies such as VTCs allow me to still accomplish many elements of our missions without physically traveling,” said Raines.

Prior to joining ERDC in 2006 as a security specialist, Raines served in the same position for 11 years with the Vicksburg District.  He was also a detective with the Warren County Sheriff’s Department.  He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with majors in criminal justice and psychology.   Following graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served as a platoon sergeant in a military police company.

Raines cites his role in obtaining approximately $17 million in AT funding since joining ERDC to the present as one of his significant accomplishments.  “ERDC’s force protection improvements enabled the Security Office to successfully compete for AT funding from USACE and the Army, instead of securing funds from ERDC,” said Raines.  In 2012, ERDC had a 97 percent completion rate for Level 1 AT Training.

Raines is the recipient of the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service; Department of Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service; and Department of the Army Patriotic Civilian Service Award.

“The Security Office team is going to continue to build on our success to provide the best AT Program for our workforce.  We’re going to do good things for ERDC and USACE.”