CERL’s Nelson Awarded at AWMA Conference and Exhibition

Published July 27, 2012


Public Affairs Office

SAN ANTONIO, Tx – ERDC Construction Engineering Research Laboratory’s Andrew Nelson recently received the First Place Doctoral Level Platform Paper Award at the 2012 Air and Waste Management Association’s (AWMA) Annual Conference and Exhibition, “Leading Environmental Frontiers,” in San Antonio, Texas.

Nelson’s paper was titled “Investigation of Bioaerosol Removal from a Gas Stream and Inactivation Using Acoustically Enhanced Impaction.”  ERDC co-authors were Dr. Martin Page and Mark Ginsberg, and Dr. Mark J. Rood, University of Illinois, and Dr. Brian Zadler, Applied Research Associates, Littleton, Colo.

Additionally, he chaired a session titled “Mitigation and Decontamination of Bioaerosols” containing five platform presentations by government and private-sector speakers.  He was recognized by the Association’s Technical Council for organizing a strong session and performing in an “exemplary manner” as a session chair.

The AWMA brings together annually more than 2,000 environmental industry professionals for three days of technical programs that include 500 presentations, two poster sessions with more than 150 posters displayed, and approximately 150 exhibitors.