ESB’s Punt Upgrades CRREL’s Cool Robot

Published Sept. 5, 2012
Doug Punt poses with the Cool Robot

Doug Punt poses with the Cool Robot

Public Affairs Office

HANOVER, N.H. — ERDC-Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) Electronics Engineer Doug Punt poses with the Cool Robot, one of two robots that have spent time in Greenland and the Antarctic detecting crevasses and conducting remote sampling and research.

“The Cool Robot is designed to operate using solar panels and generate only enough power for an assigned task, a change in design philosophy,” said Dr. Jim Lever, a CRREL mechanical engineer and Cool Robot co-developer.  “Most solar projects are designed to produce the maximum amount of power for the maximum amount of time.  With this robot, they wanted to match the power demand of the robot.”

The Cool Robot, and the earlier YETI, were developed under a National Science Foundation grant in collaboration with Dartmouth College.  (Photo by Jason Allen, Mind and Media)