ERDC lab supports winter ops for DOD missile defense site in Turkey

Published Oct. 5, 2012

5 Oct. 2012

Public Affairs Office

HANOVER, N.H.--A team of researchers with ERDC’s Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) have provided technical solutions for winter operations to safeguard Soldiers from frigid temperatures while serving at the Kürecik Radar Site, Turkey.

During the winter of 2011-2012, extreme windblown snow fall and low temperatures seriously impacted support and habitability of temporary facilities at the Kürecik Radar Site, located at high elevation in Turkey. The site will face another winter before more permanent facilities are in place.

To mitigate winter impacts and improve quality of life for the Soldiers operating the radar site, a team of CRREL researchers provided technical solutions for winter operations and site planning through the U.S. Army Europe, Deputy Chief of Staff, Engineer.

The CRREL team used a combination of photos and satellite imagery to determine snow and wind patterns, since only anecdotal weather data was available.

Initial products included recommendations on protecting temporary troop sheltering from high winds and snow drifting, and building design guidance to minimize the impact of snow on the permanent facilities planned for construction next year.

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