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Posted 4/2/2018

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By Marie Darling

HANOVER, N.H. (March 29, 2018)--Recently, the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s laboratory in New Hampshire scored yet another winning snow sculpture at the Annual Occom Pond Party. This year’s theme was Star Wars inspired, “Snow Wars: May the Frost Be With You.”

Leading team CRREL was Randy Hill. With the help of numerous employees along with their spouses, family members and friends team CRREL sculpted an X-wing starfighter and Yoda from the Star Wars series.

Since approximately 2006, Hill has designed and created snow sculptures with many of them winning first place.

“Before 2006,” he said, “the snow sculpture was a big CRREL effort with the resulting structure always built on the laboratory's front lawn.” 
In the years following, the snow sculpture event migrated to the Occom Pond area where all area residents are able to enjoy the lively creations.

The Occom Pond Party is held each year in conjunction with Dartmouth’s Winter Carnival. The event brings the town of Hanover, various retailers and industry members, and the Dartmouth College communities together.

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