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ERDC Alumni Association meeting - May 26

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Published May 16, 2017

Meeting aims at creating Alumni Association for former ERDC employees

A meeting for establishing a U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center Alumni Association was held May 26 at the ERDC Main Conference Room located in Building 1000 on the Vicksburg Campus.

The goal of this meeting was to establish an organization that allows former ERDC employees opportunities to remain in contact with their colleagues and ERDC, including establishing a working group to develop the association’s charter, function and makeup.

The ERDC Alumni Association will provide a forum for retirees and other former employees to remain in contact with one another and the ERDC organization. The ERDC Alumni Association is open to anyone who was once an ERDC employee, including retired federal employees, former IPAs, retired military, and former employees and contractors.

“When employees retire, or go elsewhere, most have very little access or contact with ERDC and their fellow employees,” said Col. Bryan Green, ERDC commander. “We believe many ERDC retirees still strongly relate to the work of the ERDC and the role it plays in the community and would welcome the opportunity to more actively participate; this forum would allow that. We also want to ensure we don’t lose the history, experience and valuable mentoring our alumni can provide. Once ERDC, always ERDC.”

Presently, the association will focus on forming a Vicksburg chapter with the opportunity to later develop chapters at other ERDC sites.

If you have questions please contact one of the following retirees heading up this effort. Once you make contact, we can keep you informed of any time and/location changes for the meeting, as well as keep you posted on ERDC Alumni Association status.


Peggy Callaway  |  Dennis Markle  |  Glenn Rhett 

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