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In the earliest stages of a hurricane, while churning systems are still developing over the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean waters, a team of experts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) keeps a watchful eye over strengthening storms, ready to assist at a moment’s notice with Operation Blue Roof. Managed by USACE and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Operation Blue Roof helps homeowners in disaster areas by providing fiber-reinforced sheeting to cover their damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be arranged. Most recently, the team has been activated to assist with Hurricane Laura, a Category 4 storm that slammed southern Louisiana in the early morning hours of Aug. 27.
The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) announced July 9, 2020, that the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) was awarded an Unspecified Minor Military Construction Authority contract to build a Climatic Chamber Facility on the Hanover, New Hampshire, campus. The Climatic Chamber Facility consists of a series of modular environmentally controlled chambers to support full-scale testing of military and civil works equipment and systems for use in extreme weather conditions. To meet current and emerging Department of Defense and National Science and Technology needs, CRREL is replacing a smaller 990-square-foot facility with the larger modular test-and-evaluation space, which includes rooms capable of not only maintaining a minus 50 C environment, but also simulating wind and precipitation events.
Researchers from the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), in collaboration with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) scientists and industry partners, concluded the field demonstration portion of their research project to study harmful algal bloom (HAB) mitigation technology Sept. 4 in Chautauqua Lake, New York. This demonstration helped achieve some key milestones for the Harmful Algal Bloom Interception, Treatment, and Transformation System, or HABITATS, research project, which aims to develop a scalable HAB response tool that can help lessen the environmental and economic impacts on our nation when water quality is impaired by HABs.
Since 2015, scientists and engineers at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), Construction Engineer Research Laboratory (CERL) have been exploring expeditionary additive construction technology, also known as construction scale 3D printing. The first research project, Automated Construction of Expeditionary Structures (ACES), has since developed into the Additive Construction (AC) program. The program focuses on a wide range of technological developments, including printers, deployment exercises, printable concrete materials, functional construction and reinforcement practices, materials testing methods and structural testing.
The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center is actively following COVID-19 developments. Please review the information at the associated link for current U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and ERDC information in regards to the pandemic.


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