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ERDC University offers the opportunity for USACE (ERDC & Field) to partner on applying and implementing technical solutions. Participants serve as a member of the interdisciplinary Research and Development team reporting to Lead Project Managers and/or R&D Direct Program Managers. The incumbent supports and possibly leads any number of activities to develop R&D technologies related to solutions in support of multiple Corps business line areas.

This is an exciting opportunity for the incumbent to help shape the future of the Corps’ technical knowledge-base. It is also an opportunity to become a leader in scientific and engineering technical areas to be applied in the incumbents’ home organization while building a collaborative partnership with ERDC and is considered an investment in the future of the Corps.

These assignments provide for collaboration between USACE and ERDC through development of highly technical solutions to the Nation’s problems, resulting in a safer and better world. Specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Transition technologies between ERDC & USACE to strengthen the technical knowledge base; 
  • Provide developmental opportunities to USACE Engineers and Scientists while working on real-world solutions.


The ERDC University Program is specifically seeking individuals with interest and experience in general scientific and engineering fields encompassing one of the following Business Areas:

  • Civil Works and Water Resources
  • Environmental Quality and Installations
  • Geospatial Research and Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Military Engineering

Program Details 

  • Program Duration: February – July    
  • Who Should Apply: Only U.S. citizens are eligible to apply   
    • USACE Full-time Employees
    • Pay Grades: GS-07 to GS-13
  • How to Apply: see announcement at https://team.usace.army.mil/sites/HQ/PDT/devassign/default.aspx
  • Program Length:
    • Annual program up to six (6) months i.e., February - July
      • Temporary duty at ERDC will not exceed 179 days IAW travel regulations
      • Partnerships are encouraged to continue beyond program length
  • Costs (negotiable with Districts on which they choose to fund):
    • Travel – Temporary duty at ERDC will not exceed 179 days (according to travel regulations). Travel outside of the ERDC temporary duty station may be required and will be supported by ERDC during the assignment.
    • Labor – The employee’s home-duty station will provide for labor or travel/per diem costs but not both and inform ERDC of their choice. ERDC will then provide for the remaining labor or travel/per diem cost but not both.
    • For local District and Division Offices (Mississippi Valley Division and Vicksburg District Offices), travel expenses are not required; therefore, participant’s home-station will pay half of labor
  • NOTE: Only U.S. citizens are eligible to apply



Technology Advancements Division (CEERD-ZBT-T)
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center | Office of Research and Technology Transfer